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Dr. Steven Beckett has been providing animal health care in the area for over 35 years. In 1995, Baraboo Valley Veterinary Clinic was established in a small building on the south side of town, best known for being a former Dairy Queen. Since then, Baraboo Valley has become known for being both personable and caring with each new family and their beloved pets. With a small dedicated staff we have been able to provide a genuine relationship with both our clients and patients allowing for the best possible care.

We believe very strongly in the value of preventive medicine. This comes from years of treating many illnesses that came about because preventive measures had not been taken. Preventive medicine includes such things as proper vaccinations, intestinal parasite exams, heartworm medication for dogs, flea and tick control programs, and proper nutrition.

Reaching over 20 years of business in the area, Baraboo Valley has been happy to support other local businesses and events, such as the Al Ringling Theatre, Circus World Museum, Baraboo Chamber of Commerce, Sauk County Art Association, Cabin Fever, Devils Lake, Sauk County Humane Society, The Local Dog Park, Boys and Girls Club, Baraboo Range Preservation Association, Cabin Fevers Lectures, Friends of Devils Lake and many more.

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